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Additive Manufacturing

With our experience of more than 20 years and in the light of the developments we constantly follow, we help you to get to know Additive Manufacturing technologies better and to get the highest benefit and income from these technologies by developing both technical and strategic approaches. (more)

Metal 3D Printers

Additive Manufacturing and Selective Laser Melting Additive Manufacturing (SLM) involve a variety of processes to build, but they all rely on the principle of adding material to create as opposed to traditional methods that remove material. Especially in selective laser melting; A layer of metal powder is spread on the production table of the system and the laser melts the powder in accordance with the geometry to form the first layer of the structure. Part production is performed by repeating this procedure until the entire desired component is formed. (more)

Design and Production Consultancy for Additive Manufacturing

We constantly follow rapid changes and innovations in production technologies. How can you use Additive Manufacturing technologies for what purposes? What are the limits and opportunities in technologies? What do these technologies mean for your company? We do the research and analysis for you. We present you the most advanced and newest technologies by visualizing the future that additive manufacturing can provide with detailed reports and analyzes. (more)

Augmented Reality | Simultaneous Remote Working

We offer knowledge sharing platforms that enable remote field technicians and experts in the manufacturing space to connect with each other and collaborate on maintenance, repair, operations (MRO) via audio, live video, powered by Augmented Reality. (more)


A VR CAVE is an empty cube-shaped room with screens on each wall, floor and ceiling, often illuminated by projection to create an immersive environment. 3D CAVE users often use stereoscopic 3D glasses, interaction gloves, trackable wearables, and various tracking gear to increase realism, interactivity and immersion. (more)


Undoubtedly, in many industries, the ability to rapidly develop, test and modify a design provides great added value. Whether you are taking a virtual tour of a building, designing a new chassis for a vehicle, or adding or modifying an existing structure, virtual prototyping will change your life.
Virtual prototyping allows you to create a virtual image of the product in question with the help of software. It takes you unbelievably just seconds to create the virtual 3D image to suit your needs and start reviewing it on a digital model. (more)

Who are we?

We are a technology company that aims to offer leading solutions in Rapid Manufacturing, Augmented and Virtual Reality technologies to its business partners with 20+ years of experience in different sectors and application areas. We want to share our experiences with you in order to understand the partners in the Digital Transformation journey correctly, discover the benefits of technology on site and make them more competitive.

With more than 20 years of experience we have as digiMODE, we know that; Even the most advanced technologies you will invest in will not benefit you if you do not know your needs well today. In these days where Digital Transformation is rapidly entering our lives, we support you to understand Additive Manufacturing and Augmented – Virtual Reality technologies and to reveal which problems you may not be aware of today, and to implement these technologies safely in your company. In this context, our main mission is to make your digital transformation journey safe, efficient and profitable. (more)

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We helped more than 3250 companies and organizations with digital transformation technologies.


We developed custom applications for more 520 companies.


We have more than 102960 know-how and technical experience in total.